The ‘queen Of Blancpain’ Has Been Beautiful For 60 Years And Has Become A Poem Of Time

At Baselworld 2016, a Blancpain watch was loved and loved by Queen Empress Cai Shaofen. This watch is the 60th anniversary of the Blancpain Ladybird Lady Lady, and now she has come to you. Now, let me reveal the mysterious veil of the 60th anniversary of Blancpain Ladybird. But keep in mind that everyone generally refers to her as ‘the queen of Blancpain.’

   This woman, you may be a bit strange, she is the ‘Queen of the Silent Film’ Greta Garbo who won the Oscar lifetime achievement award. Someone once described her beauty like this: ‘Even God can’t help but lean down and kiss the back of her hand to let her enjoy the worship of all things.’ To Blancpain’s honour, Garbo’s wrist was kissed by God. In the past, there was a bright light belonging to Blancpain. Perhaps it is Garbo who loves Blancpain for her supreme pursuit of beauty. She loves Blancpain’s ‘Queen’-Ladybird watch for ten minutes.

   Coincidentally, it is Blancpain’s 60th Anniversary Edition watch that is the Queen of Blancpain women’s watches. The tribute to the glorious history of the 1950s, the excavation of the classics of their own women’s clothing series and the re-examination of the essence, also demonstrated the ‘founder of classic timepieces’ in the new century to reshape the exquisite aesthetics of women’s watches.

   In 1956, Blancpain’s watchmaking masters, with their amazing creativity and ingenuity, successfully ‘thinned down’ the components of mechanical watches, achieving a real technical feat. The Queen, Ladybird, came into being. Like a cute mini beetle, she flew into the world of women’s watches and was sought after and loved by thousands of ladies.

   Because I know, so small ‘core’. The 15.7mm Cal.6150 self-winding movement has been one of the smallest circular mechanical movements in the world since its birth in 1995, and it has perfectly interpreted the ‘core’ play of countless ‘small and exquisite’ aesthetics of women. . This movement of the Ladybird 60th Anniversary Edition watch is also equipped with a silicon hairspring with anti-magnetic function, and uses an automatic oscillating weight made of platinum PT950. The level of detail is evident.

   The watch is equipped with a white gold case with a diameter of only 21.5 millimeters, and her dial is decorated with contrasting bright lines. The shape is like a vibrant and interesting leaf. When the light passes, it is like the midsummer time under the shadow of a tree. The 32 brilliant diamonds on the bezel, even the summer flowers described by Tagore, are not as gorgeous as one-third of hers.

   The tender and touching drop-shaped pointers interpret the delicate feelings of a woman like water. As it slowly slid across the dazzling diamonds and white gold scales above the dial, it seemed like a round dance of time.

   Her strap is purely hand-crafted from Louisiana crocodile skin, which is rare! You must know that only a small amount of soft leather on the belly of an adult Louisiana crocodile can be used as the material of the strap. A crocodile can only produce 3 and a half pairs. The strap is extremely precious. The purple strap can add noble temperament and fashion magic to you.
   I sincerely hope that the queen of Blancpain and Ladybird’s 60th Anniversary Edition watch will pursue the highest pursuit of beauty and can also cherish you.