Professional Diving Three Professional Waterproof Watches Recommended

Waterproof watches have always been a popular presence in the watch industry, although many people do not take their watches to dive. The diving watch can be said to be a belief. If the water resistance is very good, it means that the quality of the watch is very good and can be used with confidence, so although it is a professional watch, people are still happy to buy it. Today’s watch home I recommend three watches that are very waterproof.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5000-0240-O52A

Domestic public price: RMB 98000
Watch diameter: 43.06 mm
Watch thickness: 13.83 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: blue dial watch

Domestic public price: RMB 105000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 74600
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Watch thickness: 17 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Bronze
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: iwc / 31338 /
Watch Reviews: IWC Marine Chronograph is also a very classic diving series. This watch recommended for everyone today uses a 44 mm diameter design. The key is that the case material is made of bronze, with a rubber strap. , Soft and comfortable to wear. Inside the watch is a 89365 self-winding movement that provides 68 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Equipped with IWC’s unique outer ring design, the diving scale ring is operated with a bronze outer ring, which is convenient and safe.

Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone today are professional diving watches, and they are also very popular. The prices are controlled at around 100,000. If you want to buy a diving watch, Selecting one of these watches is definitely a good choice, because these watches are the latest models of the brand.

The Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Watches Help Only Watch 2015 Charity Auction

In order to sponsor and support the Only Watch 2015 charity auction, Chanel launched a special Mademoiselle Privé watch. This unique creation combines Gabriel Chanel’s beloved camellia pattern with superb embroidery craftsmanship. The 18K white gold case and buckle are set with 60 and 80 brilliant-cut diamonds, respectively.
   Surrounded by 3 natural pearls, the beige dial is punctured with three camellia patterns. Two different embroidery techniques are used: Luneville hook technology is used to intersperse metal threads to highlight the outline of the flower; and white silk threads are used to outline the petals to make the dial more layered.
   The hour and minute hands on the dial are eccentrically set at 5 o’clock and a built-in quartz movement provides power. This unique Mademoiselle Privé watch is paired with a suitable white satin strap, which has been auctioned for € 40,000.