Chinese Elements In Blancpain Watches

With China’s increasing influence in the world, many foreign brands have fully integrated Chinese elements into their products. Blancpain, one of Switzerland’s top watch brands, was founded in 1735. In recent years, Blancpain has launched a number of watches with strong Chinese elements. These watches not only surprise our domestic table friends, but also make people shine in the world! Today’s watch home takes everyone Take a look at the Chinese elements in Blancpain watches!
‘The title candle shines in the quiet city, including the chapter of the phoenix phoenix, drinking water from the West Qin Dynasty, and recommending the river map from East Luo.’-‘Long’ by Li Zhi

   China is called ‘the kingdom of the dragon’, and we Chinese also call ourselves ‘the descendants of the dragon.’
For five thousand years, the descendants of Yan and Huang worshiped the ‘Dragon’ as a symbol of auspiciousness and majesty, and a symbol of power, majesty, and status. ‘Dragon’ has penetrated into all aspects of Chinese society and has become a cultural cohesion and accumulation. Blancpain watchmakers often use dragons as inspiration for their creations, combining this ‘sacred beast’ with watches to create a well-deserved ‘watch and dragon.’
   The intricate Damascus gold inlay and metal engraving process, the symbol of the Chinese national spirit ‘Dragon’-the mysterious and peerless craftsmanship and the sacred Chinese totem, in the hands of the long-established watchmaking brand Blancpain, turned into this exquisite and complex Damascus gold watch. The diameter of the table is 45mm. The titanium-inlaid gold dial, precise and detailed engraving, technical hammer insertion, finishing touch finishing polishing, the watch’s extraordinary skill and brilliance, has greatly enriched the model treasure house of Damascus gold setting.

   In addition to the ‘dragon’ on the dial, the ‘dragon’ on the back of the case can be regarded as hidden. The ‘Dragon’ totem pattern on the back of the Chinese Dragon Limited Edition Caruso watch’s back is engraved in gold, which is luxurious and mysterious. The dial follows the Yin-Yang dial design of the Qian Kun Caruso watch, which is the only contemporary watch collection in the Palace Museum. The back of the watch is numbered with a limited edition, and the number of limited editions in the world is 50. It is even more precious.
‘The sky is high, the sky is light, and the south flying wild geese is broken. If you are not a good man before the Great Wall, you will have a journey of 20,000.’-Mao Zedong’s ‘Qingpingle · Liupanshan’

   Since the day the Great Wall was built, it has become a symbol of the unification of the Chinese nation. For more than two millennia, it has continuously shown the wisdom and creativity of the Chinese nation to the world, and it has also demonstrated the strong will and majesty of mankind. The great aesthetic charm of the Great Wall and Great Wall culture has shaken the world. With the passion and extraordinary mastery of revival of ancient craftsmanship, Blancpain has transformed this classic totem of Chinese culture into the Villeret series 45
On the classic dial with a diameter of millimeters, it pays tribute to the far-reaching ancient Eastern country. The Great Wall of China, which stretches into the depths of the dial on the vast earth, stretches eloquently and whispers the story of history and time, perfectly demonstrating Blancpain’s aesthetics and craftsmanship as ‘the creator of classic timepieces’.
‘Sui Han then withered after learning about pine and cypress.’ —— The Analects of Confucius Zihan

   The pine tree is the life star of the plant kingdom, and has the reputation of ‘the best of 100 trees’. The Chinese nation has a soft spot for pine trees. Through thousands of years of history and culture, it has created a deep pine culture. The pine branch is proud of its bones, and it has a severe winter and four seasons, which symbolizes a strong and unyielding loyalty. Blancpain is impressed by the character represented by the pine tree. It uses innovative red copper technology. The pine tree on the dial is made of gold, platinum, platinum and red gold from 1N to 5N.
The technology is complicated, which makes the surface of the disc colorful and radiant.
Ancient Folklore

   Folklore, an ancient but active literary carrier, is easy to understand, lively, and interesting. It has an overwhelming artistic charm and important social and historical significance. China has numerous and widely spread folklore. The ‘Master of Art’ of Blancpain watchmaking workshop is challenging the complex legendary narrative, and reproduces one of the most romantic and greatest love stories in China, ‘The Legend of Liang Zhu’ on the square dial, and uses ‘Liang Zhu’ to micro-paint enamel for advanced customization. A set of 5 orphan watches, showing the five key scenes in Liang Zhu’s legends: the worship of the grass bridge, the reading by the same window, the sending of the eighteenth phase, the meeting of the platform, and the butterfly wings.
‘The dragon is wet and green, and the snake willow is lingering. Malan picks it from afar, and the sheep bears spring.’ —— Shen Jiong’s ‘Zodiac Poems’

   China has a long history of zodiac culture, and the ‘twelve zodiac signs’ have become the traditional cultural symbols of the Chinese nation. Blancpain also attaches great importance to the Chinese zodiac year. On each year of the zodiac, the master of gold sculpture of Blancpain will operate it, transforming the year of the zodiac into a new animal figure decoration, engraving on the limited edition Chinese calendar watch. Among them, the Chinese calendar of the Year of the Dragon, Snake and Horse is limited to 20 pieces in platinum, numbered 1 to 20; the platinum version of the Year of the sheep and monkey is limited to 36 pieces, numbered 1 to 50, skipping the number of every four.
   The Blancpain Chinese Calendar watch was first introduced in 2012. After five and a half years of research on the Chinese calendar and the re-invention of the movement device, the brand combines the lunar calendar of the dual-track calendar with the Gregorian calendar of the single-track legislation, which overcomes many of the irregular watchmaking skills of the Chinese calendar on the calendar. Challenge, pioneeringly present the traditional Chinese timekeeping method (year of the zodiac, the zodiac, the five elements, the hour, the moon phase) clearly and accurately on the square dial, and truly integrate Chinese elements into the watch, instead of just doing Simple surface depicting articles.
‘The leaves of the lotus are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers are red in the sun.’-Yang Wanli, ‘Xiao Chu Jingci Temple Sends Lin Zifang’

   Known as the ‘gentleman’s flower’, the lotus is deeply rooted in the mud.
Due to the homonyms of ‘he’ and ‘harmony’ and ‘harmony’, Chinese traditional culture also often uses lotus or lotus as a symbol of peace, harmony and cooperation. Blancpain draws inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls. With its extraordinary artistic understanding, it perfectly interprets its top-level micro-painted enamel and gold carving techniques that have been passed down for centuries, vividly reducing the classic lotus in Chinese traditional ink painting to a diameter of 45 mm On the square dial, it once again created a classic in the history of brand haute couture.
‘The Forbidden City wears a line, viewing the palace and seeing hundreds of palaces. The royal style is amazing, and the cultural relics and historic sites are rare.’-‘Seven Peer in the Forbidden City’

   For hundreds of years, the Chinese Forbidden City has won countless praises from all over the world for its magnificent architectural style and exquisite layout design. Blancpain condenses the glory of the Forbidden City in the ‘Blancpain Caruso’ watch, and gives the Forbidden City and the Chinese civilization a more beautiful connotation with Swiss watchmaking technology of the same reputation worldwide. This watch has also become the first collection of contemporary watches in the modern history of the Palace Museum for a century.
   On the dial, the watchmaker takes ‘Chinese Tai Chi’ as the main form, blending yin and yang with the moment to give people the feeling of being in awe of the world; on the back of the watch are inscribed: ‘1735’, ‘Qianlong’, ‘BLANCPAIN’ The word ‘Balper’ entrusts Blancpain’s deep friendship with the Chinese civilization in the past 300 years. The pattern of the Palace Museum at the bottom is carefully carved, elegant and exquisite, and the surrounding is decorated with classical Chinese glazed tiles. A large number of Chinese elements reflect the charming glory under the interpretation of Blancpain.
   Looking at the above watches with Chinese elements, are all domestic watch friends proud and proud? Chinese culture has a long history, which not only affects us, but also affects the world. Blancpain combines elements of ancient oriental culture, such as top-quality watches, to show its attention and attention to Chinese culture. But, no matter how good these watches are, they come from the hands of foreign brands. In the end, I sincerely hope that domestic watch brands will continue to build a Chinese watch that can shock the world!