Glashütte Pilots’ World Watch Pays Tribute To The Adventurer’s Adventurous Spirit

Glashutte Original, adhering to the traditional German manual watchmaking process, each Glashutte watch is a unique work of art, conveying noble taste. The Glashütte Pilot’s World Time is a tribute to the adventurous explorers and their adventurous spirit. The Pilot’s World Time watch looks the same as the other models of the 20th century vintage series.

Watches were one of the most important tools for pilots of the time. The primary requirement for a watch designed for pilots is its size, which must be able to be worn outside a heavy flight jacket. Second, it must be highly legible, easy to read day and night. Of course, the accuracy of the travel time is also very important.

The Glashütte Navigator World View watch has a rotatable ring marked with the world city name, which can easily define the time in different time zones. The oversized hour markers provide ideal legibility, and Glashütte’s proud calendar window is located at 6 o’clock, giving the wearer complete control of the world.

Glashütte Pilot’s World Time watch, sapphire crystal case back reveals the beauty of the 39-47 movement, 21K gold skeleton pendulum, gooseneck trimmer and finely polished Glashütte 3/4 splint, giving you a visual Enjoyment is also an example of Glashütte’s fine watchmaking skills. The appearance is consistent with the style of other watches of the 20th century vintage series.

As one of the world’s leading high-end mechanical watch brands with 100% self-made movements in its entire range of watches, the blood of Glashutte Original originates from a German watchmaking town with a history of 165 years Glashutte. Glashütte Aviator World Time Watch, put it on and let you go adventure together.