Causes Of Time Errors In Certina Watches

Certina mechanical watches on the market. Due to the structural characteristics of the mainspring, the material, the friction and fatigue between the coils, the change in the output torque from strong to weak, and the friction generated by the mainspring and gears during the transmission of the force distance, all will affect the accuracy of the clock. In addition, the climate, regional environment, and location also have an impact on the normal operation of the Certina clockwork. The current quartz clock overcomes the weakness of mechanical watches, uses the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystals as the time reference, and divides the frequency by a frequency-dividing circuit to once per second, and then drives the gear through a micro-stepping motor or scanning , Pointer, indicating time, even so, because the quartz crystal used is affected by temperature changes, errors will occur, usually 15 seconds per day. This is allowed.
为什么 Why is the Certina mechanical watch not electronically calibrated, and what is the error? The daily error of Certina quartz electronic watch is less than 0.5 seconds, which is one tenth of that of Certina mechanical watch. This is mainly due to the high and stable oscillation frequency of quartz oscillator in quartz watch. The principle of high frequency and accurate time is a principle found in the long-term study of how to improve the accuracy of timepieces. The higher the frequency of the oscillator, the more stable the oscillation, the stronger the anti-interference ability, and the more accurate the watch. The oscillation frequency of Certina quartz electronic watch is 32768Hz, which is 10,000 times higher than the frequency of 3Hz per second of ordinary fast pendulum mechanical watches. Therefore, quartz electronic watches are much more accurate than Certina mechanical watches. In addition, due to the structural problems of mechanical Certina watches, due to the gravitational force of the earth, the horizontal and vertical positions will produce a disparity. The spring is tightened to loosened, and the torque is unbalanced. The impact of vibration, etc., even if the mechanical watch raises some frequencies, it is impossible to reach the accuracy of the quartz electronic watch. Certina watches that are always within minutes are virtually non-existent. There is an error range for both mechanical and stone watches, and this range varies from country to country. Generally speaking, as long as the mechanical watch is full Under the circumstances, the travel time is not more than 30 seconds per day, and the standard is basically up to 30 seconds. The quartz watch meets the standard when the battery is fully charged and the speed is not more than 0.5 seconds. Therefore, whether it is a Certina mechanical watch or a Certina quartz watch, as long as their error is within the above two standard ranges, we can say that the watch is qualified to run. On the contrary, it indicates that the Certina watch has a problem when it is gone, and it must be adjusted by the repair and maintenance department.

The Most Representative Creation Does Bulgari’s Design Really Have A Secret?

In the past, I was impressed by Bvlgari’s gorgeous jewellery as bold, unique and eclectic, but now facing the Bvlgari watch series, I can’t help but make people better and better. Shocked. For a brand that has to design its own shell and core chain, whether it is a requirement for details, a requirement for craftsmanship, or even a subversion of style, Bvlgari has fully integrated its own DNA, each subtle The design never relaxes. One word to describe Bulgari’s watchmaking is very suitable, and that is ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder’. This kind of ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder’ that seeks perfection, seeks breakthrough, and is different is exactly the vitality of the brand and the reason why the world is crowned in its crown.

  To understand a professional watchmaking process, it is necessary to understand how rich and powerful a brand’s hardware is. BVLGARI Bvlgari watches currently have more than 350 professional staff, these professional staff is the unique backup resources of Bulgari. They work hard at four different locations in the Jurassic Mountains to produce a variety of watch accessories. Several production bases have the most sophisticated traditions and the most sophisticated technology: the production of complex function tables (Grandecomplication) and ultra-thin Finissimo movements, The production and assembly of the Solotempo calibre Le Santier; the production of gold and stainless steel cases and straps by Sénio Legier; all high-end hands are completed in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and the assembly and final quality control are in Production hub-Neuchâtel completed. Below, let us go into the design of Bulgari together, mainly to understand the case and bracelet of Bulgari.


  Case, the most representative creation:

  The most intuitive part of a watch is the dial and case. The production of top dials requires craftsmanship based on rich experience. The watchmaking plant in Sénélegier is responsible for the manufacture of dials, cases and straps. Here, a series of highly professional technologies have not only realized reorganization, but also gradually achieved innocence in practice. This base also adheres to strict production standards in order to produce Bulgari’s most unique and unique watch. No matter whether it is controlled by a computer or a purely manual method, each work has its own characteristics.

  One: octagonal case
  Here, we have to mention GeraldCharlesGenta, who is the most prominent Swiss watch designer in contemporary times. His design talent has earned him the reputation of Picasso, and he has a talent for clock creation, creating a series of highly representative Sexual watches, from Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak to IWC, eventually established independent brands named after themselves. In 1999, Bulgari acquired the Zunda brand and officially incorporated it into its own product line in 2010, which also injected fresh blood into Bulgari.

The angular and angular case always attracts the eye at first glance. The case of the Octo watch has very typical characteristics in the brand. It is neither round nor square, but perfects two geometric shapes. Combined to create the most recognizable octagonal design, constructing the omnipresent and geometrical aesthetics of the round place, the octagonal structure of the watch and the round bezel complement each other, showing boldness in the pure classic art tradition at the same time And delicate style. This stunning architectural aesthetic style is derived from Master Zunda.
  Zunda’s watch for Bulgari was inspired by ancient Roman coins, with inscriptions chanting its power and prestige surrounding the portrait of the emperor on the coin. These small, round masterpieces were invented in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC and successfully integrated function with delicate aesthetic elements. Zunda applied this design element to the bezel of the watch. The two ‘Bulgari’ carvings it contains are the source of the watch’s name.

  Bulgari’s classic representative work-the BVLGARIBVLGARI series of watches, was born in 1977, the official release of the BVLGARIBVLGARI series of watches, Bvlgari is truly entered the watch market. The cylindrical shape of the case was also influenced by ancient Rome, especially the Roman temple temple columns. In the new ‘BVLGARI’ logo on the bezel, ‘V’ replaces the ‘U’ in the classic Roman inscription, which is not only more simple and profound, but also a direct declaration of the brand’s image and potential value.

Bracelet, pioneering masterpiece:

  For ordinary watches, the bracelet seems to be just an icing on the cake. Everyone’s attention will focus on the more prominent features or dials. Taking a simple detail, many watches have different metal links, such as the usual three-piece, four-piece, and Rolex’s extensible bracelet. However, for the special link of Bvlgari, It wants to make every detail unique, as is the bracelet. Different bracelets, showing different styles, are really memorable.

  One: Serpentine Link:
For the first time in 2015, the bracelet of the new Serpenti series watch abandoned the traditional internal spring, which makes the watch more flexible and flexible, which can meet the daily collocation needs and highlight the infinite design creativity of Bulgari. The opening and closing of the bracelet is equipped with double pressure buttons to ensure safety while maintaining elegance. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted at will to bring the ultimate comfort to the wearer.

  In addition, the side and back of each bracelet and curved case of each Serpenti series watch are exquisitely hollowed out. The light can be penetrated to the maximum extent, which makes the gems set on the watch bloom more brightly. Guanghua.

  This Serpenti series rose gold watch comes from the new product in 2015. If the style can be fixed, you don’t need to worry about the fixed design, because the brand will make greater innovation and design based on the original every time. Let the original style release more vitality. The highlight of this watch is that the surface of the red lacquer watch is specially treated: the translucent lacquer has been manually colored and air-dried several times, and finally condenses into fine crystals, making its bright colors fuller and more eye-catching. The hand-made metal stripe pattern makes the unique lacquer look gorgeous. It takes two full days to paint the lacquered surface of a bracelet, and then it is manually sanded and polished by skilled craftsmen.

  No. 2: V-shaped chain link
  The footsteps of time symbolize new life, hope, and eternity, and time also brings new design inspiration to Bulgari. The new LVCEA gives us a completely new interpretation from the case, dial, crown, and bracelet. It has a very strong brand characteristic. Even if it can’t recognize its series at a glance, it can be sure that it comes from Bvlgari.

  The design inspiration of a watch is abstract, and when it becomes a work in reality, it will feel like it is so real. Light inspiration and classic shapes are created in every detail of the watch. The design of LVCEA is a tribute to the ancient sundial of the timepiece, symbolizing the power of capturing light (‘luce’ in Italian means ‘light’). The case of LVCEA is shiny and round, which implies the passage of time; the round shape of the case also symbolizes unity, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands, which looks like a sundial.

  The unique V-shaped chain link design conceals the V in the LVCEA name, and is also a light inspiration from the Serpenti series. This shape is extremely architectural tension, so we have also constructed different shapes on the case, crown and crown. Trapezoidal shape. The bracelet itself contains more than 100 independent parts. It consists of 5 tapered links and 2 adjustable links. In fact, the links connected to the case are also inclined. At the same time, for the first time, the bracelet does not use a spring leaf inside, but simply links each link, which is completely different from the Serpenti series.
  The charm of the watch is that any seemingly small change condenses the huge changes behind it, and constantly sets new challenges for the brand, from design to sketch, from production to assembly, interlocking.

Summary: A heart-warming watch, first of all, must catch your eyeballs at the first time, assured of your peace of mind; secondly, if it is a watch that can’t be played or appreciated, its beauty will not fade with time. , On the contrary, it will become more and more intense. In the end, the watch must meet the wearer. Maybe it belongs to a certain brand. However, after you have it, it belongs only to you and becomes an eternal acquaintance and companion in your life. Continue to inherit … (Li Shuai, home of the picture / text watch)

Swiss Plum Watch Sponsors Chinese Chess Masters To Play In Switzerland

The prestigious chess festival kicked off in Biel, Switzerland, at the end of July 2011. The chess festival with a history of more than 40 years brings together chess elites from all over the world. Among them, two outstanding chess masters from China-Bu Xiangzhi and Ni Hua, were sponsored by the famous Swiss watch company TITONI. Participated in this year’s competition. Bu Xiangzhi and Ni Hua ranked third and fourth respectively in China’s chess rankings.
   Ni Hua from Shanghai said that this is his first visit to Switzerland and he also visited the headquarters of Plum Blossom. Headquartered in the town of Greenken, not far from Bill, he smiled after the visit: ‘What impressed me most was the fresh air there, and there were far fewer pedestrians on the street than in China.’ On the contrary, Bu Xiangzhi from Qingdao arrived Been to Switzerland many times. Both masters thank Plum Blossoms for sponsoring their trip to Europe. Although the two chess masters are already very famous in China, they still hope to accumulate more experience in the fiercely competitive international competitions to improve their skills. Chess has not been included in the Olympics so far, and its awareness is not as high as other sports, but they are confident that this sport will become more and more popular in China. Chess differs from Chinese chess in many ways. It only became popular after China’s reform and opening up in the 1980s. To this day, thousands of Chinese chess players have been trained in this area. I believe that Chinese chess players will become stronger and stronger in the international chess arena.
   Ni Hua and Bu Xiangzhi came into contact with chess at the age of six and eight. When asked about the tips for success, Ni Hua, the captain of the national team, pointed out that in addition to talent, the most important thing is hard work and continuous practice every day. In addition to the frequent discussions between the two masters, they will also use computer simulation games to practice. In their free time, they like to play football, badminton and basketball.
   As for the internationally renowned watch brand of plum watch, two Chinese chess players have heard of its success story a long time ago. When visiting the headquarters of Plum Watch, they showed great interest in the history and management methods of this traditional family watchmaking company. What surprised them most was the brand’s rigorous watch making process, the accuracy of the watch and the Attention to the application of science and technology. Probably because their specialty is closely related to time control, both masters have raised many questions related to watch functions and quality control. At the end of the visit, Plum Watch presented two Master Series watches as gifts and a letter to Switzerland.
Ni Hua (left) and Bu Xiangzhi (right) take a group photo at the Plum Blossom headquarters in Grinchen, Switzerland
Chess master Ni ponders intently at the chess festival in Bill

Hundred Years Of Success And Achievement Pinnacle Montblanc Inherits The Passion Of High-end Watchmaking With Top Skills

Montblanc’s legend began in 1906, at a time when the manufacturing industry was booming. The three pioneering founders changed the history of writing, and took the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc ( Mont Blanc, the company’s name Montblanc, symbolizes the relentless pursuit of superior quality, ultimate performance and extraordinary craftsmanship.

    In the past two decades, Montblanc has constantly created legendary classics and unremittingly carved new heights on the road of fine watchmaking. Relying on the brand’s powerful watchmaking workshops, Montblanc master watchmakers have created a masterpiece of watches with both personality and craftsmanship with top skills, passion for traditional watchmaking skills and outstanding creativity.

Reno and Villeret

Montblanc Reno

    In 1997, Montblanc opened a watchmaking workshop in Le Locle, Jura, Switzerland. The brand originated from Hamburg, Germany in 1906, and has a long-lasting passion for excellence in craftsmanship. The field of fine watchmaking. The Reno watch factory is located in an ancient manor house that was also built in 1906. Today, the modern and open atrium structure integrates the surrounding landscape with the old manor house, showing the brand’s concept of blending traditional values ​​and innovative spirit.

    When traditional classics and modern design blend harmoniously, the high-level technology created by it makes Montblanc watches unique and timeless. They not only demonstrate Montblanc Reno’s position as a branded watch and centre of quality excellence, but also its complete functions from design and manufacture to final assembly and quality control.

Montblanc Viller Collection

    Ten years later, Montblanc teamed up with Minerva SA, a small traditional Swiss watchmaker based in Villeret, to create the Institute Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie. . The history of Montblanc Villeret dates back to 1858. With its outstanding hand-made movements, especially precision chronographs, it has quickly become one of Switzerland’s most acclaimed professional watchmakers.

    After the development of the first chronograph movement for watches in the 1920s, in the early 1950s a milestone in fine watchmaking was created-the legendary Minerva Pythagore. With the establishment of the Villeret Watchmaking Workshop, Montblanc’s watchmaking skills have been improved, and the countless high-end achievements in watchmaking have continuously inspired the watchmakers at Montblanc Villeret Watch Factory, relying on the accumulated experience of Menela Professional timekeeping technology, while promoting the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, introduces new ideas and injects vitality into the Swiss watchmaking industry.

    Montblanc’s fine watchmaking is based on the unique architecture of the perfect collaboration between the two watch factories to jointly create timepieces that reflect the highest Swiss watchmaking standards and the most innovative homemade movements: The essence of traditional craftsmanship, following the diligent pursuit of excellent watchmaking skills for 158 years, has now become Montblanc’s movement and innovation research and development center, dedicated to the research and development, design and assembly of the main movement; Reno Watchmaking Workshop will The perfect fusion of traditional watchmaking norms and advanced technology has become Montblanc’s watch and centre of excellence. Hundreds of years of knowledge and hundreds of hours of dedicated work can give birth to Montblanc timepieces. In order to create the most precise and perfect masterpieces, the watchmakers at Montblanc Reno and Villeret have pride and spirit into each timepiece, sharing the high-end system with the future owners of Montblanc timepieces. The surging passion of the watch.

Patented external tourbillon movement

    The exclusive patented complex device for the external tourbillon was completely developed by the Montblanc watchmaker and was first introduced in 2010. The word ‘Exo’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘outside’ or ‘outside’, which means that the screw balance is placed outside the tourbillon rotation frame. This patented innovative mechanical structure makes the rotating frame smaller in size and does not need to load the weight of the balance wheel, so it can save more than 30% of energy compared with the traditional tourbillon. At the same time, because the balance wheel is placed outside the rotating frame, it means that it can be protected from the inertia of the frame, which further improves the accuracy.

    Montblanc’s patented external tourbillon movement also contains a high-performance stop-second device. The micro-spring directly stops the screw balance, allowing the wearer to accurately adjust the second hand. The stop-second device can immediately stop the balance wheel in the tourbillon, instead of just rotating the frame, so as to prevent the ‘back swing’ phenomenon of the balance wheel when the tourbillon frame stops and avoid affecting the accuracy. The tourbillon frame is provided with a red arrow pointer, which reads the seconds on the corresponding scale at the opening of the tourbillon dial for accurate adjustment of the second hand.

    To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand and commemorate the golden age that gave birth to it, Montblanc launched three complex functions independently developed by the brand in 2016-the external tourbillon stop-second movement MB 29.21, and the dual-fly chronograph movement MB. LL100.1 and World Time MB 29.20, and launched a number of new tourbillon watches that continue the precision and outstanding performance of Montblanc timepieces. Among them, the Montblanc 4810 series external tourbillon ultra-thin 110th anniversary model uses the MB 29.24 self-made movement decorated with a fan-shaped “Geneva ripple” micro-oscillating device for the first time. The lens, this patent-made movement can be seen at a glance. The external tourbillon ultra-thin watch of the same 4810 series is equipped with the MB 29.21 self-made movement with a thickness of only 4.5 mm, showing the extraordinary quality of complex craftsmanship.

500 hours quality test

    Reliability, precision and durability are the three main criteria for evaluating the performance of advanced mechanical watches. Since the beginning of production, the watchmakers at Montblanc Reno have made every effort to ensure that all parts of each watch meet these three standards. Excellent quality. Therefore, the Montblanc Reno watch factory quality team developed and implemented a set of rigorous and highly targeted high-intensity tests, the ‘Montblanc Lab 500-hour quality test’, which simulates the first year of use of the watch, Including daily wear and tear, various settings and resetting of the crown, daily use of all functions in different weather conditions, etc.

    Each stage of the test procedure follows the highest standards in the watchmaking industry. Each test is monitored and evaluated using Montblanc’s professionally developed equipment. Only watches that successfully pass the test will be issued for delivery. The Montblanc Lab 500 Hours Quality Test uses an independent test method and test duration that is unique in the fine watchmaking industry. Montblanc watchmakers’ meticulous pursuit of detail ensures the outstanding quality and stability of each home-made watch, making it the perfect companion for the future owner’s life.