Yao Chen Wears Longines Dai Chuo Wiener Watch

Yao Chen wore a little black dress, wearing a chic black silk feather hat, wearing a Dai Chuo Wiener series stainless steel rose gold watch, came to the Longines Diana Grand Prix to watch the race, elegant style Stunning in the audience, Yao Chen was excited to watch this internationally renowned horse race for the first time. A few days ago, it was the most beautiful early summer in Paris. The annual Grand Jockey Club-the Prix de Diane Longines Longines Diana Grand Prix kick off season, ‘Good People’ Magazine and Yao Chen went to Paris at the venue of the Prix de Diane Longines-Paris North The beautiful suburb of Chantilly Chantilly shoots the cover image of August 2011. Longines is proud to be the title partner of the Prix de Diane Grand Prix for the first time, in this elegant sporting event, it showcases precision and elegance, and reveals the latest models of the Longines Daichauvena series DolceVita.
Against the backdrop of the most beautiful castle in France
Castles, woods, lakes, racetracks …, Chantilly Chantilly, known all over the world for her ultimate fusion of art, culture and nature. Located in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, Chantilly Castle is one of the most beautiful castle buildings in France and has been named a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. At the end of the 17th century, the Duke of Conte under the Louis XIV era funded the design and construction of Renault (the main designer of the Palace of Versailles). The castle houses countless treasured paintings and books, known as the Louvre, which have made it a national museum under the name of l’Institutde France.
The majestic and magnificent architecture of Chateau de Château is made of rocks and surrounded by lakes. It is located in the center of a 7,800-hectare garden. The garden is mainly composed of geometric symmetry and statues. This unique castle is the domain of the king. Since the Middle Ages, many outstanding figures in French history have visited this place. The garden, built over centuries, is so large that few people can swim through it. Therefore, there are horse-drawn carriages, cruise ships, and tour aids in the park. Among them, the quaint atmosphere of the carriage and the castle is the most suitable, and of course it is the most attractive to tourists.
The decoration in the castle is extremely luxurious and dazzling. Among the most noteworthy is the large number of paintings owned by the former castle owner, Duke Conte. Visitors can now see at the Musée Condé. The walls are filled with precious paintings and sketches by Cluet and his sons, as well as famous artists from the 17th to 19th centuries, such as Raphael and Botticelli. s work. In addition, the Castle Library houses more than 13,000 volumes of precious ancient books from the 11th century.
之一 One of the most prestigious flat jockey clubs-Longines Prix de Diane Diana Grand Prix
And Chantilly is the horse world first, it is called the most beautiful landscape in the world for horse racing. Chantilly Castle has been an equestrian and horse racing town since ancient times, attracting many royal nobles to ride and hunt. Founded in 1834, the racetrack has been the most popular racetrack in the world. The racetrack is next to the ancient castle, and it is connected to many walking paths in the forest. The environment along the road is quiet and the scenery is very charming. If you meet a knight riding in the forest, it will add more ancient meaning. Visitors who want to learn about the history of equestrianism can visit the horse museum built in the 18th century and converted from a stable to the castle.
The Prix de Diane Longines Diana Grand Prix, held here on May 18, 1843, is one of the three most famous horse races in France, attracting more than 30,000 spectators each year. In 2011, Longines was honored for the first time with the title ‘Prix de Diane.’ The extraordinary ability of focus, precision and experience can always convey the noble and elegant style of horse racing and equestrian sports, which perfectly matches the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy. Therefore, Longines watches and equestrian horses around the world The movement has had close cooperation and long-standing relationships for nearly a century.
Enjoy an elegant picnic on the green grass, beautiful women wear delicate hats: ‘Longines Prix de Diane Diana Grand Prix’ is a big day on the elegant life calendar, but also the most prestigious and popular flat jockey club one. Under the colorful clouds, the magnificent Chantilly Castle, such as the horse racecourse and forest, will become the beautiful background of Longines, showing its admired style and elegance. Knight line, castle aristocracy, hat princess, Yao Chen elegantly dressed stunning Chantilly
Adhering to the philosophy of happiness, Yao Chen, with her humor, frankness and affinity between words and manners, always brings easy joy to the people around her. She was once a dancer. She also has a soft and light temperament. Her charm comes from the soul. Purity, just like Longines’s ‘elegant attitude, true personality’. ‘Jia Ren’ focuses on discovering Yao Chen’s extraordinary temperament. On June 11, using Chantilly Castle as a natural picture, he carefully crafted a set of off-white simple dresses for Yao Chen and the Longines Xinyue series watches to depict the elegance in the castle. A light red elegant skirt with Longines Dai Chuo Weiner series stainless steel rose gold watch interpretation of French freedom and romance, beige leather skirt with Longines Concas women’s diamond watch shows a Western garden style, a set of knight-style pants Equipped with a Longines column wheel rose gold chronograph stopwatch shooting at the racetrack training ground, handsome. On the evening of June 11, Yao Chenguo wore a dark blue lace sleeve retro long dress, dressing up to attend the Longines Diana Grand Prix Dinner at the Napoleon Banquet Hall in Chantilly Castle and experience the elegant life of a medieval nobleman Toast with the guests and wish the success of the next day.
On June 12, Yao Chen wore a little black dress, wearing a chic black silk feather hat, wearing a Daichaowina series stainless steel rose gold watch, and came to the Longines Diana Grand Prix to watch the race. The elegant style was stunning. At the show, Yao Chen was very excited to watch this internationally-acclaimed horse race for the first time. At the scene, she cheered on her favorite horses and riders, showing cute and elegant smiles and cheers from time to time, and together with Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China Present a prize to the owner of a final winner. At the ‘Miss Longines Diana Elegance’ selection event held that day, Yao Chen and Longines Elegance Ambassador Bollywood idol Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan presented the Longines Elegance Award for the most elegant ladies. And the guests of the brand have a glimpse of Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series of new ladies watches. Longines Watches DolceVita series DolceVita watch-a modern and elegant poem
系列 This series is like a poem, beautifully chanting the elegance and quality that Longines has been pursuing. Created in 1997, the series has been so successful around the world that it can always be captured on the wrists of elegant women. The creation of this series of works is inspired by the famous Italian film Dolce vita. The unique rectangular case and pleasing proportions create a variety of designs.
The performance of Longines is to launch a series of new products of Daichao Weiner series. The design is full of innovative charm and more perfect. The latest models use different colors of gold to brighten the brightness of stainless steel, including various versions of stainless steel and gold or stainless steel and rose gold, and some models are also adorned with diamonds. These new products add a new dimension to Longines’s watchmaking art featuring elegance.