Louis Vuitton 2014 Basel 抢先看

Tambour eVolution

 In 2010, Louis Vuitton launched its patented Spin Time movement, which features a rotating cube hour marker to display the time, creating a refreshing time display mode. Time Scroll is the first complex function movement exclusively developed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement factory. Its time concept is closely linked to the Louis Vuitton tourism culture gene, and its functions fully meet the requirements of travelers who often travel through time zones. The Tambour watch series keeps pace with the time. This year’s time flyback function is assembled in a lightweight and wear-resistant black MMC-coated Tambour éVolution case. Excellent performance in clear and easy to read display and accurate practical performance!

 Tambour eVolution

Mastering a new realm of time

 La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement watchmaker developed a time-lapse spinning movement, which is a technological leap forward in terms of mechanical function and display clarity. This technology is deployed in the modern Tambour éVolution case. Zhongshi is a smart move: the dial has 12 frosted aluminum cube hour markers to show the GMT time, which perfectly echoes the shape lines of the pink gold and black MMC two-tone case.

Subtle and practical

 The time function of the two places is the most intimate timepiece for travellers. It is very easy to read and operate. The internal watch of the LV 111 automatic movement developed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement factory seems simple, but the internal structure is actually abnormal. Complicated, yet its reliable performance is outstanding under any environmental conditions; the LV 111 automatic movement works like a time-of-day display system, advancing every 60 minutes.

 The heart of this system is a turntable with a barbed rod, which rotates one-twelfth circle at a time to make the three-dimensional time scale rotate instantly; the barbed rod of the turntable is connected to the axis of the three-dimensional time scale. Maltese cross-shaped component, the cross-shaped component rotates a quarter of a time at a time, and rotates two time scales at the same time: the first time scale originally has a triangular arrow mark, and it instantly becomes a frosted surface with no number, The time scale was originally matte, and a triangular arrow pointing outward (indicating 01:00 to 12:59) or a triangular arrow pointing inward (indicating 13:00 to 00:59) appeared instantly.

Fashion appearance, technology crystallization

 The Tambour series from the previous 12 years is known for its innovative design. The Tambour series keeps pace with the times, and its latest variations reflect the current fashion trends and aesthetic inspiration. The Tambour éVolution Time Rotating Time Watch is a time-honored new design that combines unique design elements with unique appearance and the right combination of details. The watch is 45 mm in diameter. The rose gold and black MMC-coated case is extremely architectural, with a large ‘V’ around the crown. The V decoration is inspired.

 The Tambour éVolution case consists of seven parts (including a black MMC case, 18K rose gold bezel, crown and lugs), which are extremely complex to make. The setting process is a challenge to the watchmaker’s manual tolerance. The screw-in crown design guarantees a water-resistant depth of 100 meters, and the crown is specially designed for easy rotation. Pull the crown to the second position to adjust the jumping time of the hour hand and three-dimensional time scale. Wrist Strap style with red stitching alligator leather and black calfskin strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle.

Emprise Women’s Watches

 Louis Vuitton’s first suitcase has a long history of craftsmanship, infused infinite inspiration into the brand’s creation, from exquisite and practical travel supplies, into an elegant and luxurious jewelry series full of a sense of time.

 The exquisite structural details not only make the luggage sturdy and durable, but also embody the aesthetic elements of the new Emprise series: metal fittings, locks, studs and other small decorative themes, which not only contain the history of Louis Vuitton craftsmanship, but also highlight the contours of lines and graceful beauty. Create distinctive personality.

 The beautiful ladies’ watches, which are changed from the metal parts of the luggage, are amazing. The Emprise series contains the brand value and superb craftsmanship tradition and aesthetics. The hard work and enthusiasm of the watchmaker continues the craftsmanship tradition that the brand was founded in 1854 to keep all luggage craftsmen.

 The women’s watch is an example of Paris’s delicate craftsmanship aesthetic of the Emprise series: the lugs are born from the brass corners of the suitcase, and the four-square case is more elegant under the chamfered polished mirror and glittering diamonds; the silk satin watch Straps with embossed leather echo the fashion design; the texture of the dial of the gold watch model is taken from the protective padding inside the luggage; the dial of the stainless steel watch model is black or white, and the texture is decorated like The wooden siding on the wall of the classical Chinese house in Paris; the dial is simple and simple, and there is no time-marking number, and the LV logo is only displayed at 5 o’clock, which adds timeless beauty.

 The sharp and clean shape, the carefully selected outline of bright gemstones, and the elegant and gorgeous watch design perfectly match the contemporary elegant female style with unique taste. It has a subtle idea and a charming charm that makes it Parisian .

 Emprise Series Women’s Watch (Stainless Steel)

                     Emprise Series Women’s Watch (Stainless Steel)

                         Emprise Series Women’s Watch (Yellow K Gold)

 Emprise Series Women’s Watch (Yellow K Gold)