10 End-star Ambassadors For The Watch Industry At The End Of The Year Who Is Most Powerful

Every year at the end of the year, a variety of stocktakings and various conclusions are filled with people’s eyes and brains. In order to avoid vulgarity, we will not take stock of the products this year. Today, I will take a look at the celebrities who have spoken to watch manufacturers, and see who is the real NO.1, you will be the super star!

super star NO.1 —- Elvis Elvis & bull; Presley endorses Hamilton
 Elvis Presley is a classic figure in the entertainment industry, and his music has swept the world. He has created an insurmountable era! Elvis worked with Hamilton in 1961. He appeared in the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ and wore a Hamilton adventure watch. Later, the original leather strap of the watch was replaced by Elvis’ demand. Stainless steel bracelet.
 In 2010, Hamilton launched two special watches to commemorate Elvis’75th birthday. Both of these products belong to the adventure series. Hamilton hopes to use this to create greater glory and continue the classics of Hamilton watches.

 These two commemorative watches launched by Hamilton, with a very rare triangular dial design, make this watch full of tension, reflecting the spirit of sports adventurous and unswerving, and fashion elements. The slightly larger number is: H24615331, which is affectionately known by watch fans as Black Elvis, and there is a white one called White Elvis. The two models on the right are H24471731. Compared with Black Elvis, these two models are more popular with watch fans. The dial mesh hollow technology, the junior pin has no calendar function, and the dark black PVD case. In addition to being cool, it feels simple and practical.

super star NO.2 —- George Clooney endorses Omega
 The American celebrity who has been rated as the sexiest man twice by People Weekly in the United States. He joined the Omega celebrity ambassador family in 2007 and became one of the many spokespersons for Omega watches. He later spoke for Omega Ocean. Cosmic series products, and a short and powerful slogan moved the hearts of many watch fans ‘George Clooney’s choice’.

 The Omega Ocean Universe series products are in the same line with the classic series of the hippocampus. They have continued many classic designs of the hippocampus, and have been modified in many details. The coaxial movement has been adopted, which completely exceeds the standard of professional diving watches in performance. The watch is mainly divided into two shades to choose from. One is orange applied to the SV bezel, scale, small second hand and button; the other is a dark black bezel and button with an all-white dial.

super star NO.3 —- Nicholas & bull; Cage endorses Montblanc
 Nicholas & bull; Cage signed a Montblanc spokesperson in 2006. With his many classic action films, he successfully created a tough guy image of a real man, which is also very in line with the style of Montblanc watches.

 Nicolas Cage has endorsed the Montblanc star Greenwich automatic chronograph and Montblanc TimeWalker automatic timer two products, these two products are still manufactured by the Swiss watch factory Le Locle montblanc Montre S.A. Montblanc star Greenwich automatic chronographs are certified by the Swiss Official Watch and Clock Appraisal Agency, and can also display GMT international time for easy calculation of off-site time. Montblanc TimeWalker automatic timer has a clear design style and can provide a variety of calculation functions.

super star NO.4 —- Zhang Xueyou endorsement
 The popularity and appeal of Jacky Cheung’s generation in China and throughout Asia should not be underestimated, so it is still wise for Baume & Mercier to choose him as an endorsement. The talent of Zhang Tianwang is also great for his gentleman style and temperament for Baume & Mercier watches. It’s pretty good.

 Zhang Tianwang endorsed the Baume and Mercier watch series. When he endorsed the product, he once humorously said that because he liked this product, the manufacturer would give it to him after the endorsement, so he chose the endorsement. The style and temperament of this product are indeed quite similar to those of Zhang Tianwang. The new Baume & Mercier series watches are elegantly designed, adopting a stainless steel case with an automatic mechanical movement, and a silver multi-function dial. Elegant, and also features such as power reserve display retrograde needle.

super star NO.5 —- Tony Parker endorses the nations
 The second player in NBA history except Kobe Bryant to win the NBA championship at the age of 25. Frankly, he likes IWC watches for design and technology. IWC watches are impressive. He spoke of IWC in the 2007s. Watch.

 Tony Parker’s commercials seem to be wearing an IW391001 watch product from the Portofino series of IWC. This product is currently the first in China with an automatic mechanical movement of about 46,000 RMB, a 44-hour power reserve, 42 The oversized millimeter dial has anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal glass on both sides, highlighting the domineering man.

super star NO.6 —- Leonardo DiCaprio endorses TAG Heuer
 Leonardo DiCaprio and endorsement of TAG Heuer watches began in 2009. The cooperation agreement lasts for three years. The royalties generated by the cooperation will be used to support major environmental protection projects. In addition, Mr. DiCaprio himself promised to pay hundreds Ten thousand dollars support the above-mentioned cause, such cooperation is unprecedented for Mr. Heuer and Mr. DiCaprio himself.

 Leonardo DiCaprio endorsed the TAG Heuer Submarine series. The Calibre 5 (43mm) watch is available in three main colors: black, silver and blue. With a stainless steel or rubber bracelet, it is a very masculine man’s watch suitable for the pursuit of the ultimate quality.

super star NO.7 —- Guo Fucheng endorses Longines
 Guo Tianwang is the Longines spokesperson for 2011 after Lin Zhiling and Carina Lau. Although the popularity of Guo Fucheng in recent years has not been as good as before, he can still get everyone’s support with some wonderful film interpretations.

 The main series of Guo Tianwang’s endorsement this time are the column wheel chronograph stopwatch and the Xinyue series watches. As we all know, Guo Tianwang has a deep research on famous cars and a deep understanding of watches, so let him endorse the guide column. The wheel series watch is a very correct choice. The main feature of this product is the use of a self-winding mechanical movement. The silver dial has a 13-hour scale. In addition, it has a chronograph stopwatch function and a central hand. With a dark brown alligator leather strap, this watch is even more elegant.

super star NO.8 —- Yi Ziqiong speaks for Audemars Piguet
 Kung Fu actress Michelle Yeoh is the first Hong Kong Chinese artist to act as the endorsement of Audemars Piguet. Her combination with Audemars Piguet, known as the Asian superstar, also looks perfect. Since its endorsement of Audemars Piguet, it is said that it has now collected Audemars Piguet watches worth tens of millions and has become a true Audemars Piguet fan.

 Michelle Yeoh officially joined Audemars Piguet in 2004 and became one of Audemars Piguet’s spokespersons. The main endorsement was the Deva series of watches launched in 2004. The Deva watch symbolizes that the goddess of light has become the preferred luxury of elegant ladies once it is launched One of the finest watches, it looks extravagant when paired with Audemars Piguet.

super star NO.9 —- Big S endorsement Tissot
 As a celebrity in the performing arts and fashion circles, especially after marrying Wang Xiaofei, one of the four youngest in Beijing, in 2010, not only was the show happy, the career was like daylight, and it became the leader of the young fashion industry. Many young customers who attracted Tissot really contributed.

 The Tissot Xinyuan series is the main endorsement series of the Big S. The Tissot Xinyuan series made its debut in China in early 2010. The fashionable and simple design has become the first choice for young women’s entry watches. This series is mainly for formal and leisure occasions. , Tissot Xinyuan series is not the most luxurious and noble, but the most sincere and sincere, it will marry the most simple and simple but the most dazzling beauty of women in the wrist of watch wearers.

super star NO.10 —- Liu Ruoying endorsement radar
 The former milk tea beauty Liu Ruoying, because she rarely appears on the silver screen recently, her popularity has also declined. She can only rank her last. I think Liu Ruoying’s fans will definitely not agree with this ranking. The reason why Radar chose her to endorse the product is related to Liu Ruoying’s own intellectuality and mature and restrained personality, which is also in line with Radar’s product temperament.

 In August 2010, milk tea Liu Ruoying officially became the first global spokesperson in the history of radar watches, and got rid of the only watch image in the product promotion before radar. Swiss radars have been lingering between metal box ceramics, breaking an unusual path with their own unique style. The latest titanium carbide series has always been known for its hardness, up to 1900 Vickers hardness. The milk tea in the picture is wearing a radar precision ceramic series R13723702 watch, which belongs to the radar precision ceramic series. The square dial has a diameter of 34 * 30 mm. The simple design and black are more stable.

 That’s it for today’s inventory. Maybe the order I gave is not everyone will agree. If you have different views, you can log in to our forum to discuss, I will also bring you other things in the coming days. In terms of inventory, I hope everyone will continue to support the Watch House.