2013 Sihh New Product Preview-piaget’s New Limelight Gala Series

In the 1960s, the imagination was full of imagination. Piaget will lead the era’s creativity and transform it into a dazzling jewelry watch that only graced the elegant women of the time. Inspired by this aspiring soul of the times, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala jewelry watch and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark. Unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other, revealing a unique personality that sparkles fashion. At the intersection of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again interpreted the eternal charm of time with his creative power.

   Bright and moving, full of business, sexy and charming, these three adjectives perfectly fit the Piaget Limelight Gala series. It releases time from the straight path we are accustomed to, and migrates into a curve curve of a completely female. Two elegantly extended lugs round out the round case, and the natural and sexy curve is caused by a small single row Beautiful diamonds are more prominent. The simple, low-key dial shines with extreme contemporary femininity, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite silk strap.
   Piaget’s new creation of the Limelight Gala series of jewellery watches has been developed and produced by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops from concept sketches and designs all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. A top watch brand that excels in all-round watchmaking is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. Loyal to Piaget’s brand heritage, all watchmakers are passionately dedicated to interpreting Piaget style and personally confirm the original character of Piaget Limelight Gala jewelry watches. It is the inheritance of the style of the 1960s, and it is undoubtedly a signature of contemporary fashion based on absolute feminine charm, leaving its unique mark in the streamer.

Limelight Gala Product Description:
Limelight Gala – 32 mm
18K white gold case with 62 diamonds (approx. 1.8 carat total weight),
Silver dial with black Roman numerals and black silk strap
Folding buckle with 1 diamond
Piaget 690P quartz movement

Limelight Gala – 32 mm
18K white gold case with 62 diamonds (approx. 1.8 carat total weight),
18K white gold dial with 228 diamonds (approx. 1.1 carat total weight),
18K white gold bracelet set with 451 diamonds (approximately 16.4 carats)
Piaget 690P quartz movement

American Producer Jan Rosenthal Wins The 23rd Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award

Montblanc, an internationally renowned luxury brand, announced that it will award this year’s Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award to the filmmaker Jane Rosenthal in recognition of her art and culture Outstanding contribution made by the cause. Prior to Jan Rosenthal, a number of leading figures and royal philanthropists in the cultural and art circles have won this honor, such as the famous composer Quincy Jones, artist Yoko Ono, Prince Charles of England and Queen Sofia of Spain.

 Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards are attended by 12 countries each year. For the past 23 years, the Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards have been dedicated to recognizing outstanding art patrons worldwide and thanking them for their contributions to the arts and culture. Lutz Bethge, Vice Chairman of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation, said in an interview with the media: ‘Montblanc has established the International Art Sponsorship Award since 1992 to promote the brand’s heritage and support global art and cultural projects. We firmly believe that, Recognizing philanthropists dedicated to the development of art is of great significance. This year, we also hope to recognize and thank Ms. Jan Rosenthal for her efforts in the field of art development through the promulgation of this award. ‘
 The Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards are designed to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to the cause of culture and arts, and are committed to promoting the development of culture and arts and achieving outstanding achievements. Finalists not only need long-term support for the arts, but also have to prove that their contributions bring help and benefits to the general public. The grand jury is composed of experienced, passionate and ingenious artists and influential artists in the art world. They selected 12 winners from 36 candidates in 12 countries. This year’s U.S. jury is made up of renowned fashion designer Prabal Gurung, publishing legend Christopher Forbes, and famous movie star Anthony Mackie. The high judging styles are different. They scored the candidates from the three aspects of professionalism, contribution to art sponsorship and social influence, and finally selected the winner of the award based on the comprehensive score.

 Ms. Jane Rosenthal has made outstanding contributions in promoting movie development and training film talents. In 1988, Ms. Rosenthal co-founded Tribeca Production with actress Robert De Niro, and created the Tribeca Film Center in Lower Manhattan to produce those Videos with more unique perspectives. In 2001, Ms. Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and the philanthropist Craig Hatkoff founded the Tribeca Film Institute. Ms. Rosenthal and Robert · De Niro co-managed. The Tribeca Film Institute assists numerous niche filmmakers through professional training development programs such as funding grants and Tribeca All Access. In addition, the Tribeca Film Institute provides film training and education to 25,000 students who lack knowledge in the field every year. Through some film viewing, film production and media skills, they are trained to become creative talents in the 21st century. Ms. Rosenthal has also invested a lot of time and energy in organizing the Tribeca Film Festival, which has been an important global film project since its establishment in 2002, focusing on emerging film productions around the world People and videos are introduced to a wide audience.
 After Ms. Jane Rosenthal wins the 23rd Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award, she and the Tribeca Film Academy she founded will receive a € 15,000 grant from Montblanc to continue to develop a variety of benefits to the public Film Production.
 In addition, Ms. Rosenthal will also receive the 2014 Montblanc Art Patron Collection Henry Steinway Limited Edition 888 writing instrument. This writing instrument was specially produced by the Montblanc brand to commemorate Henry E. Steinway, the world’s greatest piano maker, and to celebrate its outstanding contribution to the transformation of the music industry and artistic development.

Qingya Low-key Calendar Review Of Tudor Series

Tudor, this name comes from the Tudor dynasty in England. It was the golden age of the United Kingdom, and its reputation was probably comparable to that of Chinese chastity. The Chinese name was excellently translated as ‘Tuo Duo’, and there is no doubt that the king’s style subdued by Wanfang. As a result, each Tudor series is named after a name related to the royal family, and it is still the same today, with outstanding quality, high style, watchmaking tradition respected by generations, and supreme and excellent watchmaking technology. Tudor is not just a watch, it is also a perfect masterpiece that gives the wearer an incomparable sense of superiority. Today’s watch house brings you a day calendar watch of the Tudor Junya series, reference model: 55003.

This watch’s case has beautiful lines and a classic and attractive design. The simple dial is perfectly matched with the hollowed-out willow-shaped hands, combined with the creative double outer ring design, which shows the classic style.

The case diameter of this watch is 36 mm. The case is made of 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel gold. The classic case has a round and elegant shape and penetrates the rugged and durable product concept of Tudor.

The unique design of the double outer ring shows Tudor’s strong and durable temperament. The stainless steel material of the inner ring and the gold material of the outer ring are matched to show the elegant and elegant taste.

This watch is equipped with a classic easy-to-use triangular pitted gold crown, and the top of the crown is printed with the Tudor shield logo, demonstrating its brand identity.

This watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisitely made with exquisite workmanship, and the natural crocodile leather texture exudes noble temperament inherent to it.

The thickness of this watch is moderate, the side of the case is polished with satin, the outline of the line is simple and tough, revealing a bit of elegant classic temperament, but also a bit of unique fashion taste.

The watch is equipped with a beautifully crafted stainless steel folding buckle, which is easy to wear, delicate polishing and carefully designed contours show the brand’s intentions in details.

The shape of the lugs is slender and slender, not only connecting the case and the strap, but also modifying the shape of the case to be more long and elegant, and the slightly curved arc is in line with ergonomic design.

The black dial is like the night sky of a bustling city. It is deep but not lonely. It is low-key but not monotonous. It is even more elegant with diamond embellishment.

The two beautifully lined willow-shaped hands adopt a hollow design, showing a chic elegance, and the unique hollow design of the unobtrusive second hand end also looks harmonious and unified as a whole.

Except for the 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions, the other scales on the dial are inlaid with a gold jewellery base and embedded with a brilliant-cut diamond as the hour markers.

The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window. The concise white background and black text design are easy to read. The perimeter of the window is also polished with a fine slope, highlighting the brand’s delicate watchmaking process.

At 12 o’clock on the dial, a gold-inlaid Tudor Shield logo is used as the 12 o’clock position of this watch, highlighting its noble brand blood.

This watch has a dense bottom design and is water resistant to 100 meters. A 2824 self-winding mechanical movement is mounted under the simple bottom cover. The frequency of the movement is 28,880 times per hour, which can provide about 38 hours of power. reserve.

Summary: Elegant and exquisite crystallization, a symbol of style and taste, Tudor is known worldwide for its outstanding quality. Tudor’s stylish appearance is inspired by the art trends of the 1950s and 1960s. The simple lines and meticulous decoration are the ultimate combination of modern design and classical aesthetics, which has become a long and often new watch style. Retro and exquisite style, interpreting the elegance and refined temperament of elite men. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Audiovisual Feast Audemars Piguet Millennium Series Minute Repeater Watch Real Shot

The annual watch event, the Geneva International Watch Fair, has been opened. The watch team’s special front report team has begun to work, and they will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch fair reports. The new millennial minute repeater watch in rose gold brings vision, technology and hearing at the same time.

   The new millennial minute repeater watch is equipped with a horizontal oval case and a 3D three-dimensional structure. The built-in complex movement combines Audemars Piguet’s exclusive escapement, double balance spring and minute repeater. The winding system of its minute repeater is especially designed for watches, and the sliding spring decoration stands at 9 o’clock as usual, while the minute repeater box is set at 2 o’clock.
   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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Exotic Leather Manufacture Strap-news Swatch Group

Recently Swiss TV strongly reported the unacceptable situation of purchasing exotic animal leather. The senior management of Swatch Group took the following measures:
If leather from the Far East proves usable and all raw material sources can be inspected on-site, then the Swatch Group FEPS Far East Procurement Services will immediately decide to purchase. Swiss television reports that products made from questionable raw materials have no place in the products supplied by the Swatch Group.
With its FEPS, Swatch Group has maintained an effective quality control system for many years. The responsibility of this system is to inspect and regularly monitor all suppliers (including parts, packaging, various equipment, etc.) that supply the group. ), This is done to ensure that the supplier’s products meet the requirements of the Swatch Group. The standards to be implemented include: child labor use, social and environmental conditions acceptable to relevant suppliers, and take effect immediately, animal handling requirements and animal supplies that can be carried out by leather suppliers and local sources, in fact foreign leather only accounts for the The proportion of leather used is very small, and nearly 100% of the leather used comes from domestic animals that are monitored in the United States.
Original source: SWATCHGroup

Fox Step Dance Of High Watch

Originated from the design of pocket watches, the shape of the pocket watches has always been the standard, time and time again and again, as if our lives are repeated day by day. Life is not a simple repetition. Tradition needs to be sublimated in variations. In the design of tables, top watchmakers draw inspiration from elegant life, constantly refresh our concepts, and constantly create new classics. 1 Vacheron Constantin Malta Small Seconds
Vacheron ConstantinMalte
In 1921, in order to break the mainstream circular design of the mainstream pocket watch at that time, Vacheron Constantin launched the first cask watch and became popular. Since then, the cask design has become one of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic styles. For its solemnity, the brand not only held the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of Vacheron Constantin’s Barrel Design at the “House of Vacheron Constantin” in Shanghai on August 16th, displaying 12 Vacheron Constantin classic barrel-type antique watches from the Geneva Museum, but also Launch of three new Malte watches. The Maltese series was first introduced in 2000. Although there are also a few round styles, the barrel shape is still the most basic rectangle in the series. The pink gold model in front of me uses a size of 36.7 × 47.6 mm. From the side, you can see that the short lugs extend from the middle of the bezel and the case bottom, which is quite unique. In terms of function configuration, the watch is equipped with hour, minute, and second displays, a second hand with a dial at 6 o’clock, and three-dimensional Arabic numerals and bar scales are gold. The simple dial does not have a minute scale, making the watch more retro. It is equipped with a 4400AS manual-winding movement. It has adopted the new Geneva Seal standard, which was implemented in 2012, to ensure higher quality.

2 Hermes dressage watch
Hermès, who started from the manufacture of harnesses hundreds of years ago, naturally has a passion for equestrian style. This Dressage series watch by Henrid’Origny was launched in 2003. Dressage is the dressage in traditional equestrian competitions. The collection features a barrel-shaped case with lugs that blend into the contour of the case. This year’s new style retains the original aesthetic design, but there are also subtle design changes: the crown prince hands are used, the time scale is sandblasted, the crown is closer to the case, and the diameter of the case is slightly wider by 1.5 mm. The layered dial design is even more prominent. The new model has a total of 10 models, all equipped with VaucherManufacture Fleurier’s exclusive H1837 self-winding movement developed by Hermès. It also extends the three different calibers with a calendar and a small second hand. Eight stainless steel models, four large and three small, each with a black or protein silver dial that can be paired with a stainless steel chain strap, matte black or brown crocodile leather strap. There are also two three-pin models in rose gold. The first is a protein silver dial with a matte brown crocodile leather strap. The second model has a gray-black dial with a gray-black alligator leather strap. It is limited to 175 pieces to commemorate the brand’s 175th anniversary.

3 Piaget Gouverneur Automatic
This year Piaget has added a new member of the Gouverneur series to Black Tie, which cleverly balances circles and ovals to create a unique aesthetic structure. Watch the design of the watch carefully. The round case is equipped with an irregular curved bezel, which shapes the oval shape of the dial. The oval dial has an irregularly curved outer ring, which outlines the central circle. The circles and ovals harmoniously overlap each other, not only exuding a unique temperament, but also adding meticulous and complex decoration to the layered structure. There are six pieces in the series. The diameter of the case is 43mm. It is made of rose gold or white gold. The case is decorated with the brand’s sophisticated sanding decoration. The improved frosting, polishing and sanding decoration highlight the overlapping of the two shapes. level. In terms of function, the two materials each have three styles: three-hand calendar, chronograph and tourbillon. The platinum style is set with diamonds on the bezel. The double-row diamond design embellishes a soft and slender shape, which fits the duality of round and oval. design.

Yong Yong Interpretation Of Cartier Classic Logo Real Shot 2017 Sihh Cartier Panthère Royale Cheetah Decoration Watch

Cartier’s cheetahs are sometimes naughty, sometimes noble, sometimes sly, sometimes wild, and always have rich and varied looks. This time, the Cartier Panthère Royale cheetah decorative watch transforms platinum and diamonds into beautiful lace. The cheetah elegantly embarks on luxurious decoration, using the bold and innovative craftsmanship of Cartier.

   On this Panthère Royale cheetah decorative watch, a cheetah plate hangs on a dial decorated with brilliant-cut round diamonds, showing nobility. This watch has an 18K white gold case with a diameter of 36 mm and is set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The hour and minute dial features a frosted finish and a rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped hand in the center. The bumpy cheetah image is like a three-dimensional micro-carved work, reminiscent of Cartier’s sapphire brooch customized for the Duchess of Windsor in 1949, which was one of the earliest Cartier works that used the cheetah image.

   The watch is equipped with a lilac crocodile leather strap with an 18K white gold folding buckle set with brilliant-cut round diamonds.

   This Panthère Royale cheetah watch is equipped with a quartz movement for precise movement. The watch is water resistant to approximately 30 meters.

Summary: This watch is a true jewellery, with gorgeous and complex shapes and delicate decoration. From the bezel to the ring pattern, the watch is set with brilliant diamonds, presenting a deep and delicate visual beauty. The fur of the leopard body is embellished with black lacquer spots, which is lifelike. Cartier Cheetah faithfully guards precious time.
   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Hublot London Boutique Will Officially Open In August This Year

Since the British partner Marcus Margules closed its store on New Bond Street before 2017, Hublot has not had a single boutique in London, but the brand promises to open a direct sales store on Old Bond Street .

   Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe revealed that the new store will officially open in August this year. ‘This work took longer than we expected because the store is a very historic building, but we are making Progress, I hope that the new boutique will be officially opened in August this year. ‘

   After relocating to Old Bond Street, Hublot’s new boutiques will be adjacent to the most iconic brands including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Wempe, Tiffany, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Blancpain Gt Series Kicks Off In Europe

From April 22 to 23, the 2017 Blancpain European GT Series kicked off in Monza, Italy, and about 2,000 spectators attended the race. The Blancpain GT series, which has already entered the Asian stage, will continue to land in the United States next year, indicating that this event has gradually grown into the world’s largest GT series.

The Blancpain Endurance Series Silverstone (UK) race, which kicked off on May 13-14, 2017.
Blancpain and Racing World
   Over the past nine years, Blancpain has evolved into a strong force in motorsport and has established a significant and important position among car manufacturers, racers and spectators. By actively establishing cooperative relationships with major events around the world, Blancpain has established the brand’s international benchmark position in the GT world. These events include Blancpain GT Series Europe, which is sprinted by Blancpain Endurance Series and Blancpain. Series), Blancpain GT Series Asia, Blancpain Sports Club and British GT Championship. In these racing events, Blancpain has burst into vitality with its official timing identity, showing the wonderful connection between fine watchmaking and car manufacturing.
Blancpain Exclusive Experience
   During each game, Blancpain has carefully arranged the exclusive viewing area for the guests. Blancpain’s exclusive viewing area combines fine watchmaking, cutting-edge racing and life arts, providing an ideal meeting place for professional and amateur drivers and watch fans. Surrounded by elegant surroundings, fans who are attracted by well-made high-end watches and carefully crafted top racing cars can meet each other, share passion, and track the heat of the stadium in real time. In addition, guests can explore the treasured world of Blancpain treasures here, and enjoy a carefully selected fine wine and exquisite cuisine at meal time.
   The watch area also has the Blancpain brand zone, where watchmakers show a variety of exquisite craftsmanship on the scene, allowing guests to get a closer look at Blancpain’s fine watchmaking world.
   Brand invited guests also have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive experience behind the track. The activities in the viewing area are rich and colorful, including visits to the Blancpain time zone and the live TV background. Spectators can experience it in depth and watch the game up close.
Experts on Blancpain:
‘After watching the Blancpain series organized by SRO Racing Group, there is no need to watch other races.’
Ronnie Kessel / Kessel Team; Source: Endurance Information
‘The Blancpain GT Series is one of the most important racing series in the world.’
Giancarlo Fisichella / Ferrari, source: endurance information
‘In my opinion, it symbolizes the future of the tournament.’
Stephen Ricky / WRT Team, Source: Endurance Information
‘The game is exciting. To me, it is a real World Championship.’
Frank Powell / HTP Racing, Source: Endurance Information
Preview of Blancpain GT Series
   On June 23-24, 2017, the Blancpain GT Series will be staged with passion at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. With a total length of 1,000 kilometers, the track is the world’s most advanced racing track and has a high degree of recognition.
   From July 27th to 30th, 2017, the splendid 24-hour endurance race will be launched at the Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. This historic track is 7 kilometers long.
   From September 30 to October 1, 2017, the Barcelona Circuit (Catalonia, Spain) will witness the ultimate glory of the finals of the Championship. The Blancpain Endurance Series will debut on the track.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Sennaspecial

The return of Elton Senna to TAG Heuer also marks the release of a new commercial and four special watches: two TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz chronographs with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 second ( 43 mm diameter, black-grey or black dial), and two TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 automatic chronographs (44 mm diameter, black-grey or black dial).
   The dial, back and bezel of each watch bear the famous red lacquered ‘S’ mark (the first letter of Senna), plus the speedometer scale, giving the watch an uncompromising racing car style. The classic ‘legendary’ bracelet with S-shaped links has also returned to the same Elton model, but has been redesigned and polished to improve comfort.
   43 mm diameter quartz chronograph with date function, measuring accuracy reaches 0.1 second. Black-gray dial, three chronograph dials, elegant ‘legendary’ red embellishment, giving the watch a racing style. The famous ‘S’ (Senna initial) on the dial, back and bezel is also red. With speedometer scale. The famous ‘legendary’ stainless steel bracelet makes the watch even more icing on the cake. ?
   43 mm diameter quartz chronograph with date function, measuring accuracy reaches 0.1 second. The black dial, three chronographs, and yellow and green dots reflect the colors of the Elton race helmet and the colors of the Brazilian flag.